Access to safe drinking water is a huge challenge to many people in many places in the world. Pure and safe drinking water means healthy life, because about 70% of an adult body mass consist of water. Considering the rate of water pollution in urban centres in different countries, safe water supply has become a huge concern in many countries.
Delivering safe drinkable water will probably be the most important issue we face for the next generation. The demand for fresh water is expected to surpass supply by 40 percent within the next two decades, placing urgent pressure on people to rethink the way water is processed and managed.
Drinking water treatment generally consists of several phases depending on the water source. Generally, after removing particles and excess chemical substances through oxidation, flocculation and filtration, then the water is disinfected. Disinfection is of course necessary to prevent the spread of diseases through contaminated water (e.g. E.coli, Campylobacter, Norovirus and Cholera).
For several decades, chlorine has been used to eliminate pollutants from water. However, the health risks associated the use of chlorine as a means of water disinfection because of the formation of harmful by-products makes it more mandatory to seek for a sustainable and a healthy alternatives. This led to the development of Huwa-San©, a stabilized hydrogen peroxide, non toxic, 100% chlorine free, non carcinogenic, breaks to water and oxygen, colourless, odourless and tasteless as the best solution for water disinfection. 
Water is needed to sustain life in almost every aspect of living. Therefore,  sustainability of pure and safe drinking water is critical, a factor that plays a major part in this is that, besides the need for safe drinking water, big parts of the global population won’t have access to clean water in a few decades. Re-using water and treating waste water to an acceptable level will be necessary to close the gap on water scarcity. Treated waste water can be used for applications like industrials use (energy plants), irrigation water.
Huwa-San© for water disinfection applications in delivery of safe water to all  is very vital for a sustainable and safe water supply.
Huwa-San© is effective, safe, non toxic potent in a wide range of water PH and temperatures. It protects water against reintroduction of pathogens for about 90 days after the initial disinfection. 
Huwasan can be used for large scale commercial water processing/treatment/disinfection and for small scale water processing/treatment/disinfection at home, schools and other public places.
Areas of application of huwasan in drinking water processing/treatment/disinfection include:
• Personal hygiene for personnels before start of processing. 
• Drinking water treatment/disinfection. 
• Pipes disinfection and cleaning against biofilms and legionella. 
• Tank disinfection and cleaning against biofilms and legionella.  
• Bottle disinfection.
• Surface disinfection.
• Water distribution transport vehicle disinfection.
Advantages of huwasan in drinking water treatment/disinfection:
• It is safe, non toxic and do non carcinogenic.
• It contains no harmful by-product. 
• It is 100% chlorine free and does not cause any after use health hazard.
• It breaks down to water and oxygen and adds extra oxygen to the water.
• Effectively and completely removes harmful microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi etc) in water and stops further acidic activity that may lead to reduction of water PH.
• Romoves smell and taste in water.
• Maintains and retains drinking water insipid taste.
• Good for drinking water, bath water, water for cooking, water for general cleaning etc.
• Huwasan is colourless, odourless and tasteless.
• Huwasan is easy and simple to apply to both small and large quantities of water. 

Huwa-San kills pathogenic microorganisms which are the underlying causes of certain diseases and allows the natural healing process of the body to take it’s full course.

Testimonials from users shows Huwa-San prevents and treats:

• Menstrual cramps
• Menstrual delay
• Toilet infection
• Staphylococcus aureus
• Peptic ulcer

• Toothache and other oral cavity infections
• Skin infections (eczema, ringworm etc)
• Chickenpox
• Fungal fingernails and toes infection
• Wounds & cuts
• Ulcer sores
• Diabetes sore
• Keloids
• Athlete foots
• Chickenpox
• Whitlow, etc

There are hotspots at home that harbours loads of potentially harmful microorganisms that could undermine healthy living. The use of Huwa-San for disinfection in homes keeps it free from germs/potential harmful microorganisms.

Huwa-San in Kitchen:

• Personal hygiene
• Cutting Surfaces
• Kitchen Utensils
• Table surfaces disinfection
• Walls & Floors
• Cabinet & Door Knobs
• Left over bin

Huwa-San for Bathroom and Restroom:

Bathrooms and restrooms potential hotspots for harmful microorganisms. Therefore, regular disinfection is required in the following:

• Walls, floors & surfaces
• Toilet seat & cover
• Flush knobs
• Door knobs
• Wash hand sink
• Tap knob
• Shower knob and handle.
• Bath tube

Living room and bedroom:

• Personal hygiene.
• Door knobs.
• Walls & floors cleaning disinfection
• Table surfaces disinfection
• Sofa
• Appliances
• Other surfaces
• Footwears.
• Door mat

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) are infections acquired by patient during a stay in healthcare facility. HAI can cause significant morbidity and mortality.

Some patients admitted to healthcare facility acquire HAI. Cross infections from patient to patient or from healthcare personnel to patient are constant threat associated with the use of healthcare facilities by patients or healthcare workers.

In addition to the patients, the healthcare personnels, air and water (legionella), the environment too is an important source of infections. Pathogens related to the environment like Clostridium difficile, MRSA, VRE and others can survive on surfaces for several days, weeks or months and is a serious threat to patients and healthcare personnel.

Areas of application of Huwa-San in healthcare facility includes:

• Personal hygiene for healthcare personnels (hand and foot sanitizer).
• Water treatment and legionella control.
• Surfaces (walls and floors) in ward, waiting room, surgery room, consultant room, laboratory disinfection.
• Equipment and Instrument disinfection.
• Ambulance and transport vehicle disinfection.
• Atmosphere (vaporization/fogging).

Huwa-San for Dental Clinics:

• Personal hygiene for healthcare personnels.
• Water treatment and legionella control.
• Oral hygiene (mouthwash)
• Surface disinfection.
• Equipment and Instruments

Production in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry has to be done according to very strict regulations and quality management systems. Having Good manufacturing practices (GMP) in place is important to gain a fare share of the market, built up a reputation, and support the growth of the organisation.
A good GMP includes prescriptions for the product process, facilities, personnel, training, documentation, validation but also assuring product hygiene and clean environments. A good GMP is designed to minimize the risks involved in any production process that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product only.
Manufacturing facilities must maintain a clean and hygienic production environment including laboratories and storage. Routine check carried out to ensure and clean and safe environment is of utmost importance to gain market confidence. 
Areas to be focused on include water, air and all surfaces that can influence the quality and safety of the final product.
To achieve an effective and an approved GMP, a range of different factors should be considered in the selection of disinfectant that can meet the standard required. Some of these factors include disinfectant’s mode of action, efficacy, compatibility with production system and current health and safety regulations and cost.
Huwasan is a better choice for proper disinfection in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.           
Application in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics. 
Huwa-San effectively disinfects the following
elements in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries:
• Pipes
• Storage 
• Mixing vessels 
• Hoses
• Filling lines
• Transport systems
• Floors and Walls
• Other surfaces 
Advantages of huwasan in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industry. 
• Huwa-San has a long-lasting, controlled effect, thanks to its unique formula.
• Odourless & colourless.
• Compatible with materials used: non-corrosive at in-use concentration.
• Compatible with detergents
• Sustainable and proven to be effective.
• Active at extreme pH values and high temperatures.
• Wide spectrum of activity: bactericide, fungicide, virucide and sporicide.
• Alternative for the traditional disinfectants based on chlorine, quats and alcohol.
• User-friendly, simple, efficient and safe to use in industrial environments.
• Highly effective in a wide temperature range.
• Leaves no toxic residue which might compromise the quality of the end product.
• Biodegradable to non-toxic natural by-products (oxygen and water), 
• Not harmful to the environment.
• Safe to use in terms of health and safety standards.
• Does not form harmful by-products.
• No harmful side-effects.
• Long-lasting and controlled effect.
The growth of microbes in meat is as a result of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic properties of meat, such as pH and moisture, and extrinsic factor such as temperature and other environmental factors  can promote microbial growth in raw meat. 
Fresh meat has a high water content which provides favorable condition for the growth of microorganisms. Also, fresh meat usually contains bacteria, including those that can cause diseases. Naturally, animals usually carry bacterial species like Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus  and E. coli thereby causing contamination during the slaughter process.
Also, there non harmful microorganisms that takes over raw meat to spoil it by causing putrefication thereby leading to bad odour that causes people to reject the meat.
Food poisoning due to microbial contamination of raw meat can be prevented by cooking the meat thoroughly before consumption. However, the spores of some pathogenic bacteria, such as Clostridium perfringens are not easily destroyed by heat during cooking no matter how long the meat is left on fire. The heat of cooking can activate those spores to germinate faster and develop into mature bacteria if the food is kept at ambient temperature for a prolonged period.
Therefore, a good hygiene practices before, during and after cooking, and handling of meat with effective and non toxic disinfectant is major to delivery safe and hygienic meat. This includes disinfection of animal before slaughtering, cleaning and disinfection of slaughtering facility, equipment, utensils, cutting boards, knives, and prevention of cross-contamination between raw meat and ready-to-eat foods. Furthermore, a lapse in safe handling practices may cause cooked meat  becomes tainted through cross-contamination.
This is where huwa-san comes in to play a major role – disinfection of animal, slaughtering facility, floor, walls, atmosphere, tables, knives, utensils, cutting board, processing water,  storage facility, cleaning and disinfection of fresh meat at home before cooking.
Areas of application of huwasan in meat processing include:
Applicatiom in Abattoir:
• Animal disinfection before slaughtering.
• Facility environment.
• Walls and floors.
• Processing water.
• Equipment/instruments.
• Knives.
• Utensils.
• Cutting board/tables.
• Beef/meat disinfection before storage.
• Storage facility.
• Transport vehicles.
• Personal hygiene.
Application for raw meat:
• To remove heat resistance pathogens from meat.
• To sanitize meat before cooking. 
• To retain freshness of raw meat for a longer time.
• Non toxic means to improve meat shelf life.
Infection with the novel coronavirus, responsible for causing Covid-19, can occur after contact with contaminated surfaces or objects followed by contact with the nose, eyes or mouth. Regular and thorough disinfection of used, living and working areas reduces the risk of viral transmission, and this is a critical step in controlling an outbreak and stopping the spread of this contagious threat. Huwa-San can play an important role here to combat this virus.
Covid-19 can survive for several hours to even days on surfaces and materials, allowing transmission of the virus to occur when touching the nose, mouth or eyes after coming into contact with contaminated objects. A recent study even showed that the coronavirus can survive up to 28 days in ideal conditions on non-porous surfaces. Systematic disinfection of frequently touched surfaces reduces the risk of contracting the disease and further spread of the virus. Huwa-San can be useful here, because the product fights the new corona virus in an efficient way. Huwa-San is a widely applicable surface disinfectant based on a liquid solution of stabilized hydrogen peroxide.
Huwa-San is very effective in killing bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and viruses. The product can be used as a general disinfectant on hard surfaces (eg floors, walls, furniture etc) in industrial environments, institutions (offices, schools, nurseries), swimming pools, recreation areas and hotels. 
Huwa-San meets the highest disinfection standards for bactericides, fungicides and virucides. The main advantages of huwasan in fighting Covid-19 are:
• It is not injurious to the skin at in-use concentration.  
• It kills viruses completely. 
• It can be used as mouth wash.
• It can be rubbed in the nose.
• It is very effective as hand and foot sanitizer. 
• It can be used for body and garment disinfection by spraying. 
• It can be used for surface disinfection by spraying. 
• It can be used to disinfect atmosphere through vaporization or fumigation. 
• It is non toxic, 100% Chlorine free, non carcinogenic and user friendly. 
•  It is biodegradable, breaks to water and oxygen.
• Odorless, colorless and non-corrosive.
Huwa-San Fogging.
Huwasan fogging enables users to quickly and efficiently disinfect walls, floors and other surfaces in private, public and industrial areas.
Huwa-San Fogging involves the use of the unique stabilized formula of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)) as a potent disinfectant against Covid-19 and other viral infections. Huwa-San is a recognized biocide with a proven effect against viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores and fungi. Huwa-San Fogging ensures early containment of viral infections and helps prevent further spread.
Advantages of Huwa-San Fogging:
• Efficient, fast and portable technology for disinfecting.
• Huwasan fogging disinfection reaches and penetrates high touch, low touch and hard-to-reach surfaces. 
• Broad spectrum disinfection, effective against Covid-19, other viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, spores, viral infections and mycobacteria.
• Can be applied proactively, planned or in the event of an outbreak.
• Odorless, colorless and non toxic user and environment. 

The growing global population demands more food in more places. To meet the demand, the food industry must deliver more on quantity and quality of food supplies.

Also, increased consumer selection of supply method or dietary choices has a huge impact on how food providers need to deliver safe and quality food.

Sometimes, food supplied, whether fresh, prepared or even preserved, may be contaminated with food poisoning micro-organisms and caused at least one out of ten people who eats such food fall ill. Therefore, approved standards for food safety must be followed, using to monitor food sources in order to prevent or control food poisoning.

Examples of harmful microorganisms that causes food food poisoning are Campylobacter, Clostridium, E.coli, Listeria and Salmonella etc.

Huwasan is ingestable, 100% Chlorine free, non carcinogenic, non toxic, breaks to water and oxygen, colourless, odourless, tasteless and do not impact negatively on food quality and taste. Therefore, huwasan is suitable for disinfection during food preparation, processing and also for a nutural and non toxic way to improving food shelf life.

Huwasan can be applied throughout the complete food supply chain
(post-harvest to retail, farm to fork). Some areas of application include:

• Dairy farms and processing.
• Dry food processing industry.
• Meat processing industry
• Fish processing industry
• Fruits and vegetables processing industry.
• Ready-to-eat meals industry (fast food)
• Snack industry

Unique Qualities of Huwasan for food and beverages:

• Broad spectrum disinfectant, effective against bacteria, yeast, mold, spores and viruses.
• Effective against Salmonella, E.coli & Listeria.
• Meets standards EN 1276, EN 1650 and EN 13697
• Sustainable and proven to be effective.
• Produces no harmful by-products.
• 100% Chlorine free, quats free and alcohol free.
• Biodegradable or breaks to water and oxygen.
• Non-corrosive at in-use concentration.
• Long-lasting and controlled effect.
• Removes biofilm and prevents regrowth.
• No rinsing after use on food.
• Provides extended re-use of disinfected water.
• No resistance by bacteria.
• Single-use but multipurpose product.
• Leaves no harmful residue which might compromise the quality of the end product.
• Has no influence on the end product: odourless, colourless and tasteless.
• Retains freshness and improves shelf life for better sell-by-date advantage.

Swimming pools are places where many people come together. Each person not only carries billions of micro-organisms, people also bring organic contamination into the water through skin sweat, hair strand, etc). Without appropriate disinfection, pool water can quickly becomes contaminated with waterborne infections which could be transferred from person to person. For health reasons it is therefore imperative that swimming pools and spas be properly disinfected with non toxic disinfectant. 
For many people, disinfection of pool water with chlorine-based disinfectant is still in use. However, it is well-known that chlorinating the water can lead to the formation of a complex mixture of disinfection by-products (DBPs) depending on the type and amount of organic materials present in the water.
Among the most-described pool-related DBPs are the trihalomethanes (THMs), haloacetic acids (HAAs), haloacetonitriles (HANs), trichloramines and haloketones. These are injurious to health.
If you are a rugular user of chlorinated swimming pool, you will observe you often have irritate eyes when you come out of the water and discoloured swimsuits and hair over time. The search for equally effective water disinfectants with less formation of DBPs is inevitable for a safe swimming pool experience. This is where huwasan becomes very relevant. 
Areas of Application                   
• Disinfection of swimming pools.
• Surface disinfection of floors, walls around the pool.
• Legionella control.
Advantages of using huwasan. 
• No harmful residuals are formed, compared to the traditional chlorine based swimming pool chemistry.
• Replacement for quats when used as a surface disinfectant.
• Complete protection from bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.
• 100% chlorine-free and child-friendly alternative.
• Colourless, odourless and non-corrosive at usage doses.
• Long-term and controlled efficiency.
• Works in a wide temperature and pH range.
• Does not form harmful by-products.
• Crystal clear and silky water.
• No irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system.
• Also suitable for people with asthma.
• Easy to dose.
• Long-lasting and controlled effect, thanks to its unique formula.
• Not harmful to the environment.
The pace of human population growth in the world also implies growth in demand for animal-derived protein.
However, livestock health issues and diseases have decreasd its  production efficiency significantly. 
Though the trend towards more and more intensification of livestock farming systems increases animal – derived protein production, but alot of other factors have impacted adversely on animal health and productivity. Also, there is an increase risk of rapid and far-reaching disease outbreaks within stocks which many farmers are finds difficult to curtail.
A good bio-security program is an effective way of reducing the risk of a disease outbreak and the spread of a contagious disease from animal to animal and from animals to humans. Cleaning and sanitation regimes that are easy and quick to employ are crucial to keep the infection pressure low, to lower mortality rate and to optimize the overall performance of the company. 
A wise choice to prevent infection and disease outbreak in farms and to stop livestock mortality is HUWASAN.
Huwasan is a non toxic solution. It is made of stabilized hydrogen peroxide, 100% Chlorine free, devoid of harmful by-product, breaks to water and oxygen, user friendly, colourless and odourless. 
Huwasan kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.  It is used to prevent and treat infections in livestocks in the most non toxic manner. Huwasan is non bacteria resistance, very effective in a wide temperature and PH range. It is affordable, and easy to use. Huwasan greatly cuts down antibiotics – use in farm. It improves output quality and improves a long – term bottom line for the farmer.
Areas of application of huwasan in Livestock farming include:
Application in Poultry farm
• Birds drinking water disinfection against pathogenic microorganisms. 
• To prevent nipples blockage. 
• To prevent and to treat infections and diseases like salmonella, avian flu, newcastle disease, egg drop syndrome and many more.
• To clean and disinfect feed tray.
• To disinfect bird house/cage. 
• To disinfect egg tray, nest boxes, hatchery units etc.
• To decontaminate farm atmosphere by spraying or vaporization or fumigation. 
• To decontaminate poultry litter to prevent offensive smell.
• To disinfect instrument and equipment. 
• To disinfect water in processing line.
• To disinfect scalder tank water.
• For personal hygiene (hand and foot sanitizer)
• To disinfect floors and walls.
• To disinfect transport vehicles. (wheel dip and surfaces.
Advantages of huwasan in poultry farm.
• Boost supply of extra oxygen because huwasan breaks to water  and oxygen. 
• Stimulates eating in birds.
• Boosts complete digestion.
• Improves conversion ratio and enhances absorbtion of digested food.
• Cuts down on antibiotics usage. 
• Turns out safe (harmful chemical free) output.
• Active in wide range of water temperatures and PH.
Applocation in Fishery Farm.
• Pond water treatment/culture. 
• Brood stock water 
• Hatchery tank and equipment disinfection. 
• Hatchery water.
• Disinfection of processing water.
• Fish disinfection during output processing.
• Equipment disinfection. 
• Transport vehicle and surface disinfection. 
• Personal hygiene (hand and foot sanitizer) in processing facility. 
• Floors and walls disinfection in processing facility. 
• Atmosphere decontamination by spraying, vaporization or fumigation in processing facility.
Advantages of huwasan in fishery farm.
• Treats water by killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pollutants that may cause infection in water.
• Keeps water fresh and reduces rate of waste water discharge up to 5 – 7 days.
• Removes ammonia (pungent smell ) during waste water discharge. 
• Boosts dissolved oxygen level.
• Enhances full utilisation of feed in the pond and reduce vomiting usually associated stress during waste water discharge.
• Stops mortality and increase output.
• Increase survival rate in hatchery tank/pond.
Huwasan for Piggery Farm. 
Huwasan is a bactericide, virucide, fungicide and anti pathogens. It’s 100% Chlorine free and non toxic. Huwasan is non bacteria resistance and very safe for livestocks.
Huwasan is prevents and treats:
• Pre weaning period diseases:
“Exudative Dermatitis” also know as “Greasy Pig” is caused by bacteria called Staphlococcus Hyicus. Huwasan prevents and treats these diseases and stops re-infection.
• Post weaning period diseases:
Respiratory diseases such as coughing, sneezing, abdominal breathing are caused by bacteria and viruses. Example are: Streptococcus suis, Pasteurella, Actinobaccillus, Pleuropneumoniae etc. Huwasan prevents and treats these diseases and stops re-infection.
• Swine dysentery; caused by Brachyspira Hyodsenteriae bacteria. Huwasan prevents and treats these diseases and stops re-infection. 
• Breeding stock diseases:
Examples are: 
Mastitis caused by bacteria infection and
Porcine Parvovirus caused by viruses. Huwasan prevents and treats these diseases and stops re-infection.